Autumn Bespoke Ring Collection

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The FINAL Bespoke Ring selection of the year (and for a few months at least) arrives this Sunday, November 18th. Those on the email list get exclusive early access at 3pm Eastern Time
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The limited selection of one of a kind gems will go public at 4pm Eastern Time and be available to pick from and claim only a couple days. Selections will close on Wednesday November 20th so the crafting process can begin. Oh -and there will be the option to upgrade the bezel to 18k Gold (which ohmahgod would look jaw-dropping-ly amazing with any of these stones and the contrast of an oxidized Relic band). If you'd like to be introduced to these gems and see some examples of the Relic ring, keep scrolling!
What is this "bespoke" collection all about? Well, for the year of 2018, I began offering seasonal selections of one of a kind stones that were available for custom sized rings in some of my classic designs. Since I stopped taking one-on-one custom work a couple years back to focus on monthly collection releases where rings are finished and pre-sized, I thought it would be a fun way to offer semi-customization and so far you have all LOVED both the Spring and Summer collections.
So I'm doing one more before the year of 2018 comes to an end and then taking a break to venture into new territory with my craft (more on that at a later point).
The gemstones I selected for this final round of offerings embody some of the most beloved aspects of Autumn. The vibrant, rich flush of colors in contrast with the muted neutrals of the earthly, tree sprouting landscape. Many of these gems have never been offered in a bespoke selection before and there's even two that will be the first ever for the Relic Ring design. Take a peek at an overview below.
The Line Up
From top to bottom
Row One: Rhodolite Garnet
Row Two: Labradorite from Madagascar
Row Three: Dendritic Agate
Row Four: Vesuvianite, Smokey Quartz and another Vesuvianite
Row Five: Montana Agate, Smokey Quartz, Montana Agate
When these all get listed, they will be in the order above when viewed on a computer (I know some of you like to be extra prepared to claim your dream piece so that's a huge tip!). 
Some collages of these beauties together
Vesuvianite on top and bottom, Dendritic Agate in the center and Labradorite to the left and right
Montana Agate to the left and right, Dendritic Agates down the center.
 Top and bottom are Vesuvianite, center three are Rhodolite Garnet, two outer stones are Smokey Quartz
Past Examples of the Relic Ring
Jay Cuneo Jewelry Sterling Silver Rhodolite Garnet Rings 
Sterling Silver Montana Agate Relic Ring by Jay Cuneo Artisan Jewelry
And lastly, a previous Relic Ring with an 18k Gold Bezel. Please note, just the wall of the bezel is 18k. The back of the setting is sterling silver to illuminate the stone without tinting the translucent ones. 18 karat gold has a rich gold color to it that has beautiful contrast with the oxidized silver. I think every gem in this Autumn Selection would POP and glow with gold but if I had to pick just a few....the Vesuvianite, Rhodolite Garnet and Dendritic Agate would be purely epic in my opinion. The colors with the gold would be absolutely stunning. 
Make sure you are on the mailing list if you'd like early access to new arrivals and be first to get in and claim your bespoke Relic ring. In the past collections, most of the selection is claimed before the collection goes public so I highly recommend getting yourself, your boyfriends, girlfriends or finance's on the list so they can get you the perfect holiday gift (or propose to you with your dream ring -just saying').
Thank you all for a wonderful time and joyful reception of these Bespoke collections. There's a lot of moving parts behind the scenes to put these together but, I hope the opportunity to claim the exact stone you want with the metal of your choice (seriously, the 18k would be gorgeous with all of these) enables me to offer you the perfect ring. The one you'll wear every day and cherish. The one that reminds of the unique beauty on and within this earth is present with you and within you as well. 
Autumn Bespoke custom gemstones

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