I Wear This Necklace Everyday

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I recently visited a store in Connecticut to meet with the lovely woman that curates the jewelry section of the store (among the rest of the floor!) and in doing so, I was super picky about choosing what necklaces I wore to this meeting. 

I realized that there's one necklace I've pretty much worn every day since I first made myself one! The Labradorite Spiritus Fringe. I wear it because it's quite possibly the epitome of what I could ever want in a necklace for myself. The full blown magic of a quality Labradorite specimen, delicate blades of fringe dripping down, and a beautiful and thoughtful chain (that's adjustable for layering ease). Was an easy choice to wear this piece in my necklace stack the day of an important meeting. It was a good call too, because right away it was noticed!

Sterling Silver Labradorite necklace by Jay Cuneo

  The stone in my own necklace is different and has a more electric blue type thing going on, but the piece that is currently in the shop (pictured above) is entirely as magical in it's own unique way. Full rolling flash of teal-ish hue across a beautifully smooth and even surface. That's what I love about this particular design -the stones I've acquired are each so unique and rich in color and pattern.

I only have one available at a time, so if this one calls to you keep that in mind! You can view more pictures of this piece by clicking here.

Side note: I also now offer payment plans through Quadpay, so you can set up a 4-part installment plan without having to go through any credit check. Simply select Quadpay at checkout and in a minute or two you'll be all set. No interest either! Plus I can ship right away after the first payment.  




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