Rainy January Day: Reflecting

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How is it already 2 weeks in to January of 2018?

2018. Still weird to say that, type that, etc.
We all get used to it eventually and it becomes habit, but the first few weeks of adjusting are always interesting. It's always a time of being very aware that it's a new year.
With that in mind, I've been reflecting. Forgive me if this goes wayward here and there, just going with the stream of consciousness approach here. New to blogging and all that. 

I will be honest, this past year had so many ups and downs. The ups of launching this website, the official home of Jay Cuneo Jewelry. Many collections of pieces that I loved and you all seemed to love as well! You've all been so supportive of that move and my gratitude cannot be put succinctly into words. The downs of loosing my pup Jesse back in April, who was pretty much my four legged brother growing up. He was a part of my life more years than not, and I still still miss him every day. It was strange not having him around to lay in the middle of presents around Christmas and strange to not have him asleep by my feet while I write this...Anyone who has been blessed with the companionship of a dog, cat or any other sentient being probably knows what it's like.

(That's my beautiful boy last summer)
Feels good to pay a little homage to him. Sweetest, funniest guy and the best hug ever. Even if it meant getting lots of dog hair all over my generally black wardrobe. I'd give just about anything to have one more big hug. 
Anyway, its a new year. These things happen.
I'm thinking the next collection I do make will be mainly larger One of a Kind pieces. Reflecting on the 2017 pages of my sketchbook, there's so many pieces I never got to make and I'd like to get to at least some of them. The last collection was a lot of repetitive work. Granted all designs I love to death and I love making, but I totally need to switch it up now and again.
I'm also thinking of doing something a little crazy and moving my studio space to the room my bedroom is, and my bedroom into the room where my studio currently is. The current bedroom is bigger and less awkwardly shaped. All I do in my bedroom is sleep. I really don't need much space for that! Plus, it's not that horrible yellow color that those of you who follow me on Instagram may be familiar with. I actually do love that color (it's like a mango, more saturated than the above pic), but painting a whole room mango was a bad idea. Especially dislike it for my studio space since my "branding" is all cool tones and neutrals. It's humorous, really. 
Moving the whole studio around would sure be a trip. If I do it, maybe I'll document it a bit and make a post here. That being said, next collection of pieces is a bit up in the air because of all the "new year" ideas my brain is sending me. I really really tried last year to be super consistent with new collections and got into this somewhat pressurized system of putting out new work. I still plan on regular releases this year, of course, but at least for the next collection -don't expect many (possibly any?) multiples or designs that I tend to create somewhat regularly.
The artist hustle is tough for sure and proper studio equipment and set up is definitely costly. I'm getting there slowly over the years. Got to find that balance between making what I enjoy and getting food on the table. But as long as there is indeed some food on the table and a place to crash at night I'm fine. 
Anyway. That's the new year babble update! I heard of this thing on a podcast recently, where you look ahead at the year and pick a word that described the essence of the main focus you want the year to have. My word for 2018 is:


What is yours? Leave a comment down below, I'd love to know! 
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