Summer Bespoke Collection

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Holy smokes guys, where has the summer gone?

To celebrate coming to an end of the summer season, I decided to offer the second ever Bespoke Collection! This time, centered around the theme of summertime, beaches, travel, and bright colors. I hope you find a piece that strums your heart strings and I'd be honored to craft it into a finished ring in your perfect size.

Adjective : be-spoke
Definition: Custom made just for you
The Summer Bespoke Collection will feature hand selected, one of a kind gemstones available to be made into set designs. This will be a rare opportunity to claim the stone you fall in love with and have it custom crafted to your size. In my regular releases, rings are already sized and finished.

These Bespoke Collections will only be offered four times per year, with gemstones specifically selected from my collection that I feel embody the mood of each season


When will these be available?
On Wednesday, August 29th at 8pm EST.
Until Monday, September 3rd at midnight EST.
If you sign up for my mailing list you will get exclusive access to this collection via a secret link, one hour earlier at 7pm EST.
I have not offered custom work for a few years and I felt this idea was a great compromise. The gems in this collection will be available for custom claiming only until Monday, September 3rd. After that point, any pieces that are unclaimed will be taken down from the site. After the 3rd I will be working on crafting the claimed rings all together (for efficiency's sake).
Designs included in this release will include two of my classics: The Relic Ring and one triple band Europa Ring. Scroll down for past examples of each!


 Preview of Stones that will be available for this Wednesday, August 29th

 Gemstones include Tanzanite, Rainbow Moonstone, Aquaprase™️, Peridot, Tourmaline, Australian Opal, Peruvian Opal, Aquamarine and Kyanite


Stone Selection in Detail

 From top to bottom, Peridot, Aquaprase™️, and Peruvian Opal 


Top two rows are Tanzanite, bottom is Electric Pink Tourmaline

Top is Moonstone, second row is Moonstone, High Grade Aquamarine, Moonstone. Bottom three are all Moss Aquamarine (rare variety!)


Top is Kyanite, middle two are Australian Opal, Bottom is Kyanite (for a Europa Ring)

Those are the stones that will be available! I've pulled out some of my favorite (longest hoarded!) stones for this collection. I hope you find something that speaks to you and I look forward to crafting some #futureheirlooms

Click here to sign up for the mailing list if you'd like to get exclusive early access to these bespoke offerings! The Fall Bespoke Collection will be smaller and feature different stones, so if you see a stone that calls to you, this is the chance.
Don't forget, these will only be available for custom sizing until Monday the 3rd!
Hope you have a wonderful week,
XO Jay

Past Examples of the Relic Ring:


Past Examples of the Europa Ring



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