The Witching Hour Collection Preview

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With the release of this collection tomorrow, I wanted to put together a proper preview of the pieces that will be available for all to see and enjoy!
The Witching Hour Collection arrives Sunday, November 3rd at 8pm Eastern Time
(find out time in your zone)
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 The entire collection features a mix of high quality Rainbow Moonstones and sultry potion-like Amethyst one of a kind gems. This is the first collection I've worked Amethyst into (fun fact: used to not care for the material much) and I am thoroughly converted to an Amethyst obsessed queen. I was already obsessed with Rainbow Moonstones, so needless to say that between the designs and the gems, this is my favorite One of a Kind collection that I've every released. On to the preview and all the details!


Sterling silver rose cut amethyst stacking rings by jay cuneo jewelry 

Amethyst Rose Relic Stacking Rings 

Top to bottom: Size 6.5, 7, 6

Sterling silver rose cut moonstone stacking rings by jay cuneo jewelry handcrafted in the Hudson Valley New York

Moonstone Rose Relic Stacking Rings

Upper Right: 5.5

Middle: 8.5

Bottom: 6

*Please note that Relic rings can be stretched up to 1/2 size larger if needed, however I cannot size them up further or down any smaller. If you want your ring stretched up 1/4-1/2 size, simply reply to the order confirmation with your request and I would be happy to stretch the band up a bit for you.

Each gem is had cut, making each piece as unique as the wearer. No two are alike.



Rosecut amethyst pendants in sterling silver by jay cuneo jewelry made in the husdon valley of new york

Petal Pendants in Amethyst

Just these three one of a kind Petals will be available. These gems are so luscious and rich in tone! The gems in these are larger than I typically make for Petal pendants. For my typically "smaller" design, the slightly bigger size and intense color of these will not go unnoticed.

Chains on these Petals are 16-18" adjustable.

Sterling silver amethyst and moonstone pendants by jay cuneo jewelry made in the hudson valley of new york

Dream Seeker Talismans

My personal favorites from this collection (well, the Star Nymphs are up there too, but more on those below). These Dream Seeker pendants are a mix between my Petal Pendants and Spiritus Fringe design and I couldn't be happier with how they came out. Both are one of  a kind due to the nature of the free form, hand cut gemstones. 

This Amethyst Dream Seeker Talisman is such a beautiful stone and has stunning linear phantoms within the gem that is best seen in person. This is such a beautiful color to wear and that unusual detail is a fun addition to the piece.

The Moonstone Dream Seeker Talisman is the perfect shape and has gorgeous full frontal flash. If I could keep one piece in this collection for myself, it would probably be this one. However, she is not meant to be mine and her destiny resides with someone else. Perhaps that person is reading this now!


artisan made moonstone statement necklaces by jay cuneo jewelry crafted in sterling silver hudson valley new york

 One of a Kind Rainbow Moonstone Spiritus Necklaces

Some of the most special moonstones I've ever had the opportunity to work with. These are huge for moonstones and the quality of them for their size on top of that is just insane. It's very unusual to find moonstones in this size that have such rich and all encompassing flash.

These are dual chain pieces and are adjustable from 18-20 inches in length. They are gorgeous worn alone, but would also layer perfectly with something like the Little Moon Charm necklace or the longer Moon Spear necklace in my opinion, but girl do you! Layer in whatever way suits your vibes.



Star Nymph Necklaces 

A revisiting of a 2018 design that I've been collecting the perfect gems for since! This piece adds etherial glint to every outfit. It can be the statement piece for a special occasion, or the every day piece that sets you apart from the masses. The seven individually hand forged spears ride the line between delicate femininity and badass dont-mess-with-the-ice-queen armor.

There will be one each in Amethyst, which is the one shown above (top necklace) as well as a stunning Rainbow Moonstone variation. I'm super picky about the gems for each design when it comes to shape, size and quality so these are it for a while! As with the other designs, each stone is inherently unique. The above pairing of the Star Nymph layered with the Dream Seeker Talisman is #neckstackgoals, just saying.

The Star Nymphs are on fully adjustable 16-18 inch chains.


The final two necklaces in this collection are a larger variation of the Petal Pendant with a centered pendant joined to the chain with my signature wrappings and a beautiful rose cut Amethyst Spiritus necklace. It's hard to see in this particular image above, but the Amethyst Spiritus has somewhat of an ombre effect to it, with the very bottom portion of the gem fading into a light smokey grey. Such a cool piece! 

Both of these are fully adjustable 18-20 inches of chain.

 See you tomorrow, Sunday November 3rd at 8pm Eastern time!



PS: Do you like to layer necklaces or prefer a longer length?

If you would like more options with the length, I now have extender chains to match various designs I create (as not all designs have the same style of extender). So you can very much customize your length and neck stacking abilities! 

I will say that the longest I'd recommend extenders be on one chain is 6 inches and all my necklaces already come with 2 inches of extension, but that's just my personal preference so the extender chain does not generally show from the front. 

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