Winter in the Woods - Part One: EARTH

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Mixed metal Dendritic Agate necklace with sterling silver and 14k gold by jay cuneo jewelry
So in the tail end of 2018 I had the idea of doing seasonal One of a Kind collections. Something where I can pull from my treasure chest of stones and pair different materials that both emulate the time of year as well as compliment each other when layered and stacked together. For the past year or two, I've aimed to release collections monthly, while I've thoroughly enjoyed that ride, I'm in a place where I'd like to find some more balance in the way I work and create. Letting go the constraint of having to complete an entirely new collection almost every month allows me to create more fleshed out collections that have a lot of thought put into the curation, creation and presentation of the work.

Designing a Druzy Statement necklace Jay Cuneo Jewelry
So for the past few weeks, I've been chipping away at my workbench on what has become one of my largest collections to date! 50+ pieces with most of them being One of a Kind. If you follow along with me on Instagram, you've probably seen the behind the scenes moments and some of my favorite winter images scattered in my Stories.
Since the collection grew to be so large, I'm splitting the release into two groups. 
Gemstones featured: Smokey Quartz, Scenic Dendritic Agate, Three types of Moonstone, Apache Gold and Sparkling Druzy gems
Materials: Mostly sterling silver pieces, but a few touches of 18 and 14k gold
Inspiration: The lace-like beauty of barren winter trees, damp bark and hibernating soil, blankets of snow and shimmering crystalized water

When What and Where?

Release date is Sunday March 3rd at 6pm Eastern Time here on the website. 

If you join the mailing list, you will get an private early access portal the morning of the release day that will go active at 5pm Eastern Time.  You'll get to shop an hour early. 
Take a peek below to get an idea for the types of pieces that will be in the Earth edition of the Winter in the Woods collection
One of a Kind Gemstone Necklaces by Jay Cuneo Jewelry
One of a Kind Gemstone Rings by Jay Cuneo Jewelry
One of a Kind Gemstone Necklaces by Jay Cuneo Jewelry
After getting some feedback from those of you who keep up with me over on Instagram, I crafted the larger pendants to be on adjustable 18-20 inch chains, with the smaller Petal Pendants being 16-18 inches. This way, you have the option to layer your pieces and create your own story with your chosen pieces. Rings in this portion of the collection range in size from 6-8.
If you spot a piece speaks to you, make sure to join the insider list to get the hour of early access starting at 5pm Eastern time, Sunday March 3rd. Plus, being on the list means you get word about collections like this in the future, as well as early access occasional exclusive codes.
Looking forward to finally getting these pieces online and sharing them with you all. Thank you for following along with my work!
Collection Preview

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