Winter in the Woods - Part Two: SKY

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The second and final part of the Winter in the Woods collection is arriving Thursday the 28th at 8pm Eastern Time! If you are on the mailing list, you will be emailed a private link in the afternoon that will grant you early access at 7pm EST
I've put together a preview of the pieces in this second half of the collection down below. You can peruse the winter sky inspired selection of one of a kind pieces (with a few limited editions added in) and see what sorts of lengths the necklaces will be, styles of the earrings and sizes of the rings. This way you get a chance to plan ahead and hone in on the piece(s) that speak to you most out of the bunch!
Gemstones featured: Dendritic Opal, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Labradorite, Pyrite in Agate, Green Moonstone, Strawberry Galaxy Quartz
Materials: Fine and Sterling Silver
Inspiration: Pale winter sky, thawing bodies of water, frozen in time, northern lights

When What and Where?

Release date is Thursday March 28th at 8pm Eastern Time here on the website. 

Since you're on the mailing list, you will get an private early access portal the a few hours before the release day that will go active at 7pm Eastern Time.  You'll get to shop an hour early! 
Take a peek below to get an idea for the types of pieces that will be in the Sky edition of the Winter in the Woods collection


 Each little ring on every piece is meticulously soldered closed for permanence. Every wrapping within the chain is evenly coiled by hand. Chain ends are wrapped, with the exception of the Icicle necklace which is soldered.
One of a kind Spiritus + Spiritus Fringe necklaces
Leftmost: Large, full flash labradorite. Back of the chain is a heavy cable chain with a woven texture. 16-18 inch adjustable length
Middle Left: Labradorite Spritus Fringe necklace with three hand forged spears. 18-20 inch adjustable length
Middle Right: Longest of the bunch and amazing to layer with! Pyrite in Agate with three hand forged spears. Goes with everything. 20-22inch adjustable chain
Rightmost: Big and beautiful Dendritic Opal Spiritus Statement necklace with double cable chain running to the back. 
Little Petal Pendants
Limited small run of three in Rainbow Moonstone with 16-18 inch adjustable chains
OOAK Rose Petal Pendants
Leftmost: Gorgeous and large rainbow moonstone in an oxidized brushed finish. 18-20 inch adjustable chain
Middle Left: Vibrant Labradorite with high shine pendant, oxidized chain. 16-18 inch adjustable chain
Last Three: Aquamarines! Each is unique -the first one is actually Moss Aquamarine. 16-18 inch adjustable chain
Icicle Necklace
This is a new design I've had in the works for a while. I think after my third go at it, it's finally in it's final form! I only have this one available in this collection. The front portion of the chain features hand forged links that have the Petal texture on one side, smooth on the other. Three forged spears drip down like icicles. It's winter inspired, but makes for a great summer piece AND it really does layer well with the other necklaces I make. 16-18 inch adjustable chain.
Small Trillium Pendant
With a flashy Marquise Rose Cut Rainbow Moonstone, strung on a 16-18 inch adjustable chain


Limited Mini run of Moss Aquamarine Polar Studs on the top (only two pairs!).
The Aquamarine Spiritus studs with two hand forged spears are stunning.
Finally, Marquise Rose cut Moonstones in a pair of little Trillium earrings, which are also so stunning and it matches the pendant above! There is also a pair of Petal Spear dangling earrings that I forgot to put in the group photo #keepingitreal


Jay Cuneo Jewelry Aquamarine Relic Rings 2019
Aquamarine Rose Relic Rings
Top three are milky and deeply saturated, bottom is more classic and more clear light Aqua with misty inclusions
Jay Cuneo Jewelry Green Moonstone Relic Rings 2019
Green Moonstone Relic Rings
Are these cool or what? I fell in love with these stones and splurged on them on a gem buying trip. I'm so glad I did! Their pale misty celadon hue combined with the milky moonstone flash is so enchanting and unusual.
Strawberry Galaxy Quartz Relic Rings
These beautiful gems have been stashed away in my gem box for years and I'm so excited to have these in this collection. This gem is also called Lepidocrocite, though Strawberry Galaxy Quartz is cooler. These high domed glittery gems are set on top of a heavy Relic Band and the settings are extra thick, creating a glinting silver halo around these one of a kind stones. 
Signature Polar Relic Rings
Limited run of three with flashing labradorite gems set into them. The flash on these is honestly best seen in action, so if you are reading this on the 28th of March, I will hopefully have some video clips posted in my Instagram stories. These are my signature stacking rings and they pair very intentionally with any of my made to order stacking bands.
That's the collection! Thank you all for keeping an eye on my work and supporting what I do. It's a joy to adorn you and I hope that something from this final section of the Winter in the Woods collection calls to you and maybe adds a chapter to your adornment story. 
PS: If you've found this after the fact while perusing my site, make sure you join my mailing list if you'd love to receive these previews (and early access) when new pieces are arriving. Those on the list also hear first about any sales, get occasional insider codes and get first dibs on any Bespoke offerings.

Stacking Inspo

Ring Finger: Aquamarine Rose Relic with Vestige Bands

Middle Finger: Aquamarine Rose Relic with 2 Relic Bands and 2 Linear Bands


Ring Finger: Polar Relic ring with 4 Vestige bands

Middle Finger: Green Moonstone Relic ring with 2 Relic Bands and 2 Linear Bands


Collection Preview

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