2017 Holiday Sale Starts Now!

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The holiday sale officially starts today and runs through midnight tomorrow, on Monday. I actually had quite the hustle in the studio the other night and there are a number of new pieces in the OOAK+Limited section of the site, special for this sale. Many pieces make for perfect gifts! Inventory is very limited so check them out when you can.
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Its been three years! (So it's sale time)

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I can't believe it but, today is the day. Three years ago today I sat at my computer with a shaky hand before finally getting up the courage to click the "open shop" button on Etsy. Back then, I was going through a lot of changes in my personal life and had many reasons to pour myself into something I loved 100%. I needed something that was mine, where I could essentially reform my identity how I wanted to rather than how other's had been directing me to go. I had been beading (pretty obsessively) for about a year, but had recently dove in to picking up a torch and putting fire to metal. I started in a tiny dorm room at college...basically turned the desk into a jewelers bench and began practicing with minimal tools. Once school was out and I gathered myself enough to get started...I opened my Etsy shop on May 21st, 2014.

My photos were not very good, but I was in that learning curve phase. Everything has evolved since then, really. . . Even though things were a bit rough back then and I had many moments of feeling like giving up, I'm grateful that the struggles I was dealing with prompted me to just (for lack of a better phrase) say "fuck all, I'm going for it" and take the risk of putting myself and my jewelry out there.

These past three years have been a real journey! I knew back then that I wanted to make a go of dedicating to this craft, my artistic vision, but I did not know where it would lead. A lot of evolution has gone on since then and while some things remained the same, many things have changed since three years ago today. Fast forward to now and looking back, the moments that stand out as the highlights aren't just making jewelry but, chatting with each of you and getting messages about how happy a piece made you or a loved one.

You're support these past few years has meant the world and drives me forward! Whether you just found me recently or have been following along for a while, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU and welcome you to the JC B-day sale.

Now through Tuesday 5/23 you can use the code THREEYEARS at checkout to get 15% off any order!

Thank you so much!

xo Jay 


Here are some of my current favorite pieces to checkout!

Sterling Silver Polar Aquamarine Textured Ring Stack

Aquamarine Polar Alternations Set

GoldSands Moonstone Astra Necklace

 Aerial Runes Necklace


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New Gemstone Polar Rings for Spring and Summer

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I'm so excited to be releasing three new gemstone Polar rings for the Spring and Summer seasons! They're set to launch this coming week. Make sure you are on my mailing list to be the first to know when these rings are released (hint: you may also get a special perk if you're on the list for this release!)
Staying true to my love of blue, misty Aquamarine and Swiss blue Topaz are being added to the line as well as a pop of new color with Brazilian Amethyst. Along with the individual rings, I will be releasing Polar Galaxy set options and a special set that will feature just these gems plus Rose Quartz (because, I mean, Rose Quartz in Spring is a no brainer).
Sterling Silver Polar Rings in Topaz Amethyst Aquamarine
Spring and Summer Gemstone Stacking Rings
So join the mailing list if you want heads up when these new rings arrive and keep an eye out this coming week for the official email when they drop!
Designs Copyright 2014 Jay Cuneo
Update: Check out the Spring and Summer Polar Ring collection here!
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Finally Got It Together!

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This is it guys!
Finally have the new website for Jay Cuneo Jewelry.
Its been a long time coming. I have to admit that I've dragged my feet on getting this together. The perfectionist side of me bodes well in my craft work, but when it comes to things like this web design stuff there was a lot of learning to do in order to get close to what my vision for this is. It feels a bit like jumping off a cliff, won't lie! But I've been flapping my wings about and it feels like the right time. Of course, life and business is always a work in process so tweaks along the way are inevitable...BUT I'm really excited with the outcome so far and I hope you are too!
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