Spring Bespoke Collection

Jay Cuneo Jewelry Custom gemstone Ring


Adjective : be-spoke
Definition: Custom made just for you
The Spring Bespoke Collection will feature hand selected, one of a kind gemstones available to be made into set designs. This will be a rare opportunity to claim the stone you fall in love with and have it specifically crafted to your size. In my regular releases, rings are already sized and finished.
These gems become available to the public on Wednesday, June 13th at 8pm EST. If you sign up for my mailing list you will get exclusive access to this collection via a secret link, one hour earlier at 7pm EST.
I have not offered custom work for a few years and I felt this idea was a great compromise. The gems in this collection will be available for claiming until Monday, June 18th. After that point, whatever is left unclaimed will be finished in a random size alongside the pieces claimed and released at the end of the month.  
Designs included in this release will include two Jay Cuneo classics: The Relic Ring and the Europa Ring.

Examples of the Relic ring:

Stones for this Release


Past Examples of the Europa Ring