$ 30.00

Chain For Jenny Mae (16-18" 1.3mm Elong. Cable)

16-18 inch 1.3mm elongated cable chain (for small petal pendant design)

Oxidized finish


Return instructions:

Package piece in a jewelry box or something sturdy like one (like a little hard plastic container with some padding like bubble wrap or tissue paper/newspaper, just something to cushion and protect in transit!). A bubble mailer and first class should be fine as long as the pendant is in a little box of some kind. It's also always a good idea to add a little extra padding in the package around the box so I definitely recommend doing so if possible :)

The return address is:

Jay Cuneo 

PO Box #96

Dobbs Ferry NY



I'd recommend holding on to the tracking just to be able to keep an eye on the package and you may want added insurance, if you'd like to. It's usually just a little extra to add insurance, but totally optional.  

Once received I'll let you know I received it. I will get a new chain on the little beauty and freshen up the finish on the pendant to make sure she's just like new before sending it back out to you :) 1-2 weeks time, but will get it back home to you ASAP